Shower valve repair

Shower valve repair made easy.

Are you having trouble with the Shower won’t turn off? Don’t panic, we will go over a few options and see if we can help you with the problem. First off, we need to identify the maker of the shower valve. Their are basically three types of shower valves. Single handle or single handle posi-temp, Two handle and three handle. Lets take a look at each valve and see if we can help you fix or repair the Shower won’t turn off problem.

Shower valve repair on a single handle valve.

Take a look at some of the basic single handle Shower valve repair in the pictures and I will explain how to repair each one of them. Always remember to shut the water off to the home before you start any Shower valve repair.

Shower valve repairThe first shower valve we have is a Moen single handle shoer valve. If you have a handle that looks like this one in the picture, you will have to replace the cartridge. First remove the handle, remove the screws on the plate and slide off the chrome sleeve from the valve. If you look closely, you will see a small cotter pin in the front of the valve, remove the pin by pulling up on the pin. In the new package you will find a small plastic tool. Put the tool over the face of the cartridge and with a pair of pliers move it back and forth. This will loosen the cartridge from the valve body and break free the calcium from the cartridge. Now pull the cartridge straight out of the valve body. Insert the new cartridge and reinstall the pin, sleeve, plate and handle. If the hot and cold water is on the opposite side it was before you started, all you have to do is turn the handle 180 degreese. you do not need to take the cartridge out. Thats how a Shower valve repair on a Moen goes. Plumber Tempe

Shower valve repairMoen Posi-Temp Shower valve repair. If you have a handle that looks like this, you have a Moen pisi-temp shower valve. The prosses works the same as the regular moen Shower valve repair except some of the posi-temp valves do not have a pin. You will know if there is a pin when you remove the plate on the valve. You will see two screws under the plate. Remove the two screws and replace the cartridge and re assemble the valve finish.

Shower valve repairDelta shower valve repair. If the handle on the shower valve looks like the one in the picture, this is a Delta shower valve. This Shower valve repair is a little different then the Moen shower valve. This valve does not have a cartridge, it has a kit with springs washers and other parts. Lets start out by removing the handle after you remove the cap on the face of the handle. You do not need to remove the plate. After you remove the handle you will see a dome shape knob with ridges on it. turn the dome counter clockwise with a pair of pliers until is comes loos. Inside the valve you will need a small pointy tool to remove the springs and washers on this Shower valve repair.

Sewer smell

What is That Sewer Smell

So this is what happens when the housing crisis mingle with the Snowbirds.

Sewer SmellFor some time, Phoenix residents are locked in their own waste water odor, and it’s all because the neighborhood does not have enough full-time residents to keep things flowingand what do you get, Sewer Smell.

Residents of this upscale North Side neighborhood – home to Arizona National Golf Course – was reluctant to talk about the aroma abovefrom the Sewer Smell. But the olfactory assault was such an insult that the staff of maricopa County sewage works to purify the air and rid the Sewer Smell.

The issue to the Sewer Smell:

There are not enough people living full time in Phoenix to keep the volume high enough sewer to function effectively and keep the Sewer Smell out. Development is not built, and some of the houses are empty and also have a Sewer Smell. Where the snowbirds fly away, sewage brakes and you get Sewer Smell.

The solution to the Sewer Smell: equivalent to about double or triple rinse.

Sewer Smell“We worked with the association (the) owners on how to get more water in this system,” and rid of the Sewer Smell said Tim, community leader of the Sewer Smell project.

More water means more movement of what is in the pipes causing the Sewer Smell.

Slow, extra smelly sewer can be surprisingly common Tim said. During the building boom would Wastewater Department receives calls from people who were among the first to move into a subdivision and hate the Sewer Smell. We should Call a Plumber and do a good Drain Cleaning.

Sewer smell from shower drain

Sewer SmellWhen you get a Sewer smell from a shower drain, the most common problem is that it’s probable a shower not used much. The purpose of the “P” trap, to hold water in the trap and trap the sewer gases from entering the home. From the picture you can see the water goes into the drain and the water holds in the trap to stop the Sewer smell.

Smell from the toilet

When you get a Sewer smell coming from the toilet, it most likely coming from the base of the toilet due to the wax seal worn out and allowing the Sewer smell to escape by the wax seal. The remedy for this is to remove the toilet from the floor, clean the old wax ring from the base and install new wax seal and hardware to stop the Sewer smell.

Call a Phoenix Plumber if you want to know for sure

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